Zhongguo Hangkong Gongye Zonggongsi

Present Chinese aviation industry created in 1951 and has since manufactured some 14,000 aircraft (including more than 10,000 military), more than 50,000 aero-engines and 10,000 air-to-air and tactical missiles. Some 700 aircraft have been exported, approximately 10 per cent them civil types.
Former Ministry of Aero-Space Industry abolished 1993 and AVIC created on 26 June 1993 as economic entiry to develop market economy and expand international collaboration in aviation programmes. CATIC Group formed 26 August 1993, with CATIC (founded January 1979) as its core company, to be responsible for import and export of aero and non-aero products, subcontract work and joint ventures.
Xian, Chengdu, Shanghai, Shenyang, harbin and other factories carry out subcontract work on Airbus A300/310/318/320; ATR 72; Boeing 737/747/757; de Havilland Dash 8Q; and Bombardier 415. Licensed manufacture of Sukhoi Su-27s is undertaken at Shenyang. Co-development with UK/France/Italy and Singapore of AE-100 regional airliner abandoned in 1998 and replaced by AVIC I's ARJ21 project for 79/99-seat family of aircraft (managed by ACAC); AVIC II programme for smaller regional jet now to be met by co-production of Embraer ERJ-135/140/145 family by HAIG (Harbin).
Total workforce of aerospace industry was reduced toabout 500,000 in 1998, when about 34,000 workers were made redundant and some 14,000 others transferred to non-aerospace activities. AVIC's President announced plans at Airshow China in November 1998 to restructure aircraft industry into two 'competing and co-operating' groups in the near future. Draft organisation plan submitted to State Council in February 1999, resulting in division of AVIC into two separate companies (AVIC I and II) with effect from July 1999. Workforces in 2002 were 240,000 and 210,000 respectively, with corresponding assets of 34.9 billion and 31.5 billion yuan. AVIC I comprise 54 industrial enterprises and 30 research institutes; corresponding figures for AVIC II are 79 and more three. Principal organisations in this structure, and their major indigenous programmes, are as follows. AVIC I announced intention in late 2002 to restructure itself, with future emphasis on its core aerospace businesses, which would operate independently of the parent organisation as specialised airframe, engine and aquipment business units. AVIC II was stated in mid-2002 to have government approval to float its non-military business on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


- AVIC I Commercial Aircraft Company (ARJ21)
- Beijing Aviation Simulator
- Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (J-7/F-7, FC-1 and J-10)
- China Air-to-Air Missile Research institute
- Guizhou Aviation Industry Group (JJ-7/FT-7; FTC 2000; jet engines; missiles)
- Shanghai Aviation Industry Group (airliner subcontracts)
- Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group (J-8/F-8 and J-11/Su-27; civil subcontracts)
- Xian Aero-Engine (WP8 and WS9)
- Xian Aircraft Industry Group (JH-7/FBC-1 and MA60)


- Changhe Aircraft Industry Group (Z-8 and Z-11)
- Chengdu Engine (WP7 and WP13)
- China Helicopter Design and Research Institute ('Z-10')
- Dongan Engine (WJ5)
- Harbin Aircraft Industry Group (Hafei Z-9, 'Z-X' and Y-12)
- Hongdu Aviation Industry Group (NAMC JL-8/K-8)
- Shaanxi Aircraft Company (Y-8)
- Shijiazhuang Aircraft Industry Corporation (Y-5)
- South Aero-Engine (HS5, WJ6 and WZ8)

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