TYPE: Multirole fighter.

PROGRAMME: Upgraded J-8B; outgrowth of earlier proposals for F-8 II export version. Developed jointly by SAC and Shenyang Aircraft Research Institute (SARI); first flight 31 March 1996, two years after delivery of drawings; flight testing of aircraft and WP13B engine completed 19 January 1998. Second F-8 IIM completed by late 1998. Additional proposed upgrades revealed by then included No. 607 Institute Blue Sky low-altitude navigation pod; Southwest China Electronic Equipment Research Institute KG 300G airborne self-protection jammer pod; No. 613 Institute FLIR/laser targeting pod; and a triple redundant digital fly-by-wire flight control system. These would presumably be similar to the systems quoted for the J-8 II ACT.

CUSTOMERS: Developed primarily for export, but none yet ordered; however, improvements now being adopted as upgrade for in-service PLA AF J-8Bs.

DESIGN FEATURES: Main differences from J-8B are more powerful engine, improved avionics and modernised cockpit with HOTAS controls.

POWER PLANT: Two LMC (Liyang) WP13B turbojets, each rated at 47.1 kN (10,582 lb st) dry and 68.7 kN (15,432 lb st) with afterburning.

SYSTEMS: Electrical system includes two 15 kVA starter/generators.

AVIONICS: Comms: Advanced com/nav radios; IFF.
Radar: Phazotron Zhuk-8 II multifunction, look-up/ look-down pulse Doppler radar, with 38 n mile (70 km; 43.5 mile) detection range for approaching targets and 21.5 n mile (40 km; 25 mile) range for receding targets (both targets assumed to have 3 m2; 32.3 sq ft radar cross-section). N010 Zhuk-27 being flight tested by late 1998, presumably in second aircraft.
Flight: Include Tacan and datalink; locally developed HUD and INS/GPS navigation; MFDs; HOTAS controls; ARINC 429 databus.
Self-defence: Omnidirectional RWR; rear hemisphere noise jammer against threat (including pulse Doppler) radars; chaff/flare dispenser.

ARMAMENT: Up to six Chinese PL-5 or PL-9 short-range AAMs on underwing stations, or two Russian R-27R1 (AA-10 'Alamo') medium range AAMs: up to four seven-round pods of 90 mm Type 90-1 rockets; up to 10 anti-runway bombs or 10 Type 250-III or 250-IV low-drag bombs (four under wings and six under fuselage); or eight anti-tank bombs; or five 500 kg low-drag bombs. Internal cannon as for J-8 II.