Chinese name: Jiaoliangi-9 (Training aircraft 9)
English name: Mountain Eagle

TYPE: Advanced jet trainer

PROGRAMME: FTC-2000 revealed, in model form, at Airshow China, November 2000 and as full-size mockup two years later. Proposed as lead-in fighter trainer for CAC FC-1 and J-8D/F-8D. Wind tunnel testing completed by late 2000; first flight 13 December 2003. According to AVIC I, FTC-2000 should enter production for "domestic and foreign markets" in 2005.

CURRENT VERSIONS: FTC-2000: As described.
CY-1: Modified version, designed by Beijing SuperWing Technology Research Institute and displayed in model form at November 2002 Airshow China in Zhuhai; would be produced by GAIC if go-ahead received. Features sweptback, shoulder-mounted foreplanes plus what were described as 'side-plate canards' comprising narrow rectangular surface each side of fuselage from just below foreplane trailing-edge to extreme tail, where there are small, rectangular, downward-canted tailfins with small leading-edge strakes.

COSTS: Predicted at US$2.4 million, excluding radar.

DESIGN FEATURES: Upgraded derivative of JJ-7/FT-7, having J-7E double-delta wings, lateral intakes and 'solid' nose to permit installation of fire-control radar. Airframe otherwise similar to JJ-7/FT-7.

POWER PLANT: Currently (late 2002) quoted as one WP13F turbojet (43.15 kN, 9,700 lb st dry, 63.25 kN; 14,220 lb st with afterburning). In-flight refuelling probe on nose, common with that of J-8D/F-8D. Underfuselage and inboard underwing stations 'wet' for carriage of drop-tanks.

ACCOMMODATION: Crew of two in tandem, on TY6D ejection seats.

AVIONICS: MFDs in both cockpits.

ARMAMENT: Stores attachments under fuselage (one) and wings (two each side). Shown with PL-9 AAMs on outer wing stations and PL-8s inboard.

Wing span 8.32 m (27 ft 31/2 in)
Normal max T-O weight 7,800 kg (17,196 lb)
PERFORMANCE (estimated):  
Max level speed M1.8
Unstick speed 135 kt (250 km/h; 155 mph)
Touchdown speed 124 kt (230 km/h: 143 mph)
Min flying speed 114 kt (210 km/h; 131 mph)
Service ceiling 16,000 m (52,500 ft)
T-O and landing distance 430 m (1,410 ft)
Ferry range 1,349 n miles (2,500 km; 1,553 miles)
Operational endurance 2h