TYPE: Two-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Prototype first flew June 1998. First production aircraft shown, substantially complete, at Aero '03, Friedrichshafen, April 2003.

CURRENT VERSIONS: AC4: Baseline version; as described. Capabilities include touring and medical evacuation.
AC4 Schlepp: Glider tug; 93.2 kW (125 hp) turbocharged Rotax 914. Rate of climb, laden, 300 m (984 ft)/min.
AC4 SPC: US Sport Plane Class; otherwise as baseline AC4.
AC8: Light transport ("air van"); under development by 2003.

DESIGN FEATURES: Meets Swiss 'EcoLight' category requirements for 560 kg (1,234 lb) MTOW; certifiable to JAR requirements. High wing with V-strut bracing; tailplane braced to fin.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Flaps. Flight-adjustable trim tab on port elevator.

STRUCTURE: Glass fibre fuselage built around full-length, large diameter, circular section metal boom. Metal tailplane, elevators, fin and rudder, with composites tips; metal wing, flaps and ailerons, with composites, upturned wingtips.

LANDING GEAR: Tricycle type; fixed. Cantilever main gear with wheel speed fairings; steerable nosewheel with speed fairing.

POWER PLANT: One 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) Rotax 912 ULS flat-four driving a Warp Drive three-blade, carbon fibre, fixed-pitch propeller via 1:2.4 reduction gearing. Optional Neuform ground-adjustable propeller on first production aircraft. Fuel capacity 100 litres (26.4 US gallons; 22.0 Imp gallons).

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side-by-side; large stowage space behind seats. Broad, upward-hinged door each side.

EQUIPMENT: Optional retractable towing line in rear fuselage.