Intracom Aero Designed, formed in 1994, is the aircraft design and manufacturing arm of General Machinery SA, an international company with diverse interests in engineering, transport, travel, ecology and development of new technologies. It joined with the Khrunichev company of Russia to offer the GM-17 light transport in Western markets but, in November 2001, it formed a new alliance with Technoavia, and its associated SmAZ production plant, of the same country. The GM-17 had its public debut at MAKS' 03, Moscow, in August 2003.
It is planned to produce a diverse family of closely related aircraft, including GM-11/12 turboprop trainer/light attack aircraft, GM-16 six-seat amphibian and GM-19 light utility turboprop. Priority is afforded to the GM-19, which will mark a break away from collaboration with Russia and is expected to be a wholly Western European venture.

Additional Info

  • Address: Chemin de Faguillon 1, CH-1223 Geneva, Switzerland
  • Tel: (+41 22) 786 27 57
  • Fax: (+41 22) 786 27 62
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