TYPE: Three-seat kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Construction of prototype started October 1989; first flight 1990; building of production aircraft/kits began in October 1990.

CURRENT VERSIONS: Rebel: Standard version, as described.
Rebel Elite: Modified tricycle landing gear version, with metal-covered split flaps and fin of increased chord; O-320 or optional 134 kW (180 hp) Lycoming O-360 engine; and increased maximum T-O weight to 816 kg (1,800 lb). First flight (C-FWSF) 29 February 1996.
Super Rebel and Maverick: Described separately.

CUSTOMERS: Over 700 complete aircraft or kits (including 82 Elites) ordered by 1 January 2003; over 460 flying.

COSTS: Rebel kit without engine US$15,500; Elite kit without engine US$21,000 tailwheel, US$22,000 tricycle, fast-build extra US$14,000 (2003). Available in three sub-component kits.

DESIGN FEATURES: High-wing, strut-braced cabin monoplane for recreational, training, cross-country, border patrol and other roles; designed to conform for FAR Pt 23 and JAR (Utility category); STOL performance. Optional fin fillet required for floatplane version. Wings detachable and horizontal tail folds upward for transportation and storage. Quoted build time 800 to 1,000 hours.
NACA 4415 (modified) wing section.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual. Flaps. Elite has split flaps which droop up to 18o in 6o increments; metal-covered ailerons and cantilevered horizontal stabiliser.

STRUCTURE: Aluminium alloy, semi-monocoque fuselage; flaperons fabric covered; three-spar wings covered in aluminium sheet glass fibre wingtips. Tailplane also strut-braced. Rebel elite wing leading-edge 60 per cent thicker than Rebel.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tailwheel type with mainwheel brakes. Optional tricycle gear (Rebel Elite), skis, or Murphy 1500 or 1800 straight or wheeled or Montana 2100 wheeled floats. 6.00-6 wheels with 18 in high-profile tyres are standard. Bungee suspension system is standard; optional aluminium spring gear.

POWER PLANT: One 59.6 kW (79.9 hp) Rotax 912 UL, or 86.5 kW (116 hp) Textron Lycoming O-235-N2C engine; 2.27:1 reduction gear with Rotax engine and direct drive with O-235. Elite has 119 kW (160 hp) Lycoming O-320; or optional 134 kW (180 hp) Lycoming O-360; ground-adjustable wooden two-blade propeller; three-blade propeller optional. Standard fuel capacity 167 litres (44.0 US gallons; 36.6 Imp gallons) in wing tanks; optional extra 220 litre (58.0 US gallon; 48.3 Imp gallon) tank.

ACCOMMODATION: Pilot and two passengers. Door on each side of cabin, half- or fully glazed.