TYPE: Side-by-side ultralight kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Original design shelved in favor of Rebel, but revived in 1994 to meet Japanese ultralight restrictions; prototype/demonstrator G-MYSS used to gain UK BCAR Section S type approval in 1995.

CUSTOMERS: 34 completed and flown by late 1999, at which time 119 kits had been sold. Three sold in 2002.

COSTS: Kit: US$13,500 without engine (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Derivative of Rebel, with 40 per cent commonality of parts, including optional wingtip extensions.

FLYING CONTROLS: As Rebel, except cable-operated ailerons only instead of full-span flaperons.

STRUCTURE: Similar to Rebel, but with weight-saving features. Wings omit full-span stringers and are fabric covered; glass fibre engine cowling; tail surfaces also fabric covered.


POWER PLANT: One two-cylinder two-stroke engine (39.5 kW; 53 hp Rotax 503 DC or 47.8 kW; 64.1 hp Rotax 582 UL); GSC two-blade propeller. Testing with Hpower HKS-700E four-stroke engine completed in November 1999. Fuel capacity 18.9 litres (5.0 US gallons; 4.2 Imp gallons) standard, 53 litres (14.0 US gallons; 11.7 Imp gallons) in optional wing tanks.