TYPE: Long-range business jet.

PROGRAMME: Market and design studies began 1999; announced 25 October 2001; formal launch 5 February 2002; first flight (c/n 9127/C-GERS) 7 March 2003; certification by Transport Canada, FAA and JAA scheduled for first quarter of 2004 following two aircraft flight test programme; service entry fourth quarter 2004.

CUSTOMERS: Launch customer TAG Aeronautics ordered five on 5 November 2001; letters of intent for 15 aircraft at time of launch; Sino Private Aviation of Hong Kong ordered one aircraft during Asian Aerospace 2002 in Singapore on 28 February 2002. Potential market for 750 aircraft in class by 2010.

COSTS: US$33 million 'green' (2002).

DESIGN FEATURES: Based on Global Express, with 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in) reduction in fuselage length, and 1,200 n mile (2,222 km; 1,381 mile) reduction in maximum range. Up to 19 passengers.