TYPE: Tandem-seat kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: First kitbuilt E-Zs delivered by Merlin mid-1995. Programme transferred in 1998 to Blue Yonder, which has also produced a twin-engined prototype, designated E-Z Flyer Twin.

CURRENT VERSIONS: E-Z Flyer: Basic version; as described.
E-Z Flyer Twin: As E-Z Flyer, but with two Rotax engines in range 37.0 to 73.5 kW (49.6 to 98.6 hp). Wing span 10.82 m (35 ft 6 in); maximum T-O weight 635 kg (1,400 lb). Prototype (C-ITEZ) only to date.

CUSTOMERS: Total 42 kits sold by late 2002.

COSTS: E-Z Flyer US$7,695 including engine; E-Z Flyer Twin US$29,995 (2003).

DESIGN FEATURES: Open tube fuselage married to high-mounted Aerocomp Merlin GT wing and tail sections. Quoted build time 250 hours.

FLYING CONTROLS: Manual. Non-drooping Junkers-type ailerons.

STRUCTURE: Fuselage is welded 4130 chromoly. Wings are aluminium D-cell construction with aluminium and Styrofoam constructed ribs; Stits Poly-Fiber covering.

LANDING GEAR: Conventional tricycle. Hegar rims with brakes; solid spring steel legs; 18 in tundra tyres on mainwheels.

POWER PLANT: One 37.0 kW (49.6 hp) Rotax 503 or 47.8 kW (64.1 hp) Rotax 582 engine, driving a two- or three-blade pusher propeller. Fuel capacity 34 litres (9.0 US gallons; 7.5 Imp gallons), optionally expandable to 83 litres (22.0 US gallons; 18.3 Imp gallons).