Vickers Ltd established this company at Montreal St Hubert 1911 as engineering and shipbuilding works. In 1922 began assembling 8 Viking IV 6-seat amphibians, increasingly of local manufacture. W.T. Reid came from Bristol and designed Canadian aircraft, most succesful (61, 1924-31) being Vedette 3-seat flying-boat. Other types: Varuna transport flying-boat 1927, Vista single-seat flying-boat (1927), Vanessa 4-passenger seaplane 1927, Vigil observation landplane 1928, Velos twin-engined survey aircraft 1929. Subsequent production was of licensed designs, and from 1942 giant new Government plant at Cartierville produced 149 PBY-5A Canso and 230 OA-10A amphibians. This plant became Canadair 1944, Canadian Vickers abandoning aircraft manufacture.

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