Boeing-Canada Ltd set up 1929, and in 1937 began producing Blackburn Shark in new factory at Sea Island, Vancouver. Next came 312 PBY Catalina followed by 50 upgraded PB2B-2; by 1944 3 B-C plants were on B-29 and Mosquito components. New factory opened by Boeing of Canada Ltd near Winnipeg November 1971 to make 747 components, while Arnprior (previously Vertol) Division received 1980 contract to upgrade all CAF CH-113, and subcontracts on 757, 767, 777. On 31 January 1986 completed purchase of de Havilland Aircraft to form de Havilland Division; sold 1992 to Bombardier.

Boeing-Canada aircraft

A-213 ‘Totem’; 1932; Number built: 1; Photo
C-204 ‘Thunderbird’; 1930; Number built: 4; Photo

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