TYPE: Regional jet airliner.

PROGRAMME: Launched 30 September 1999 at the European Regional Airline Association annual meeting in Paris; first flight of prototype, modified from prototype ERJ-135 c/n 801/PT-ZJA, 27 June 2000; public debut at Farnborough International AirShow July 2000; Brazilian CTA and FAA certification achieved in June and 26 July 2001 respectively; first delivery (PP-XGF/N800AE) to American Eagle late July 2001.

CURRENT VERSIONS: ERJ-140ER: Standard version, as described. Engineering designation EMB-135KE.
ERJ-140LR: Long-range version. Engineering designation EMB-135KL.

CUSTOMERS: Launch customer American Eagle announced order for 66 on 27 September 2000, subsequently reduced to 59. Total of 94 firm orders and 20 options by 31 December 2003, at which time 74 had been delivered.

COSTS: US$15.2 million (1999).

Description for the ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 apply also to the ERJ-140 except as follows:

DESIGN FEATURES: Shares 98 per cent commonality with ERJ-135/145, including engines, wings, tail surfaces, flight deck and main systems; ERJ-135 fuselage stretched by 2.30 m (7 ft 6½ in) by removal of two frames (2.85 m; 9 ft 4¼ in ahead of wing and 1.35 m; 4 ft 5 in at rear) and substitution of two longer frames (3.94 m; 12 ft 11 in and 2.56 m; 8 ft 4¾ in respectively).

POWER PLANT: Rolls-Royce AE 3007A1/3 turbofans, each rated at 33.7 kN (7,580 lb st); fuel as ERJ-145ER/MR and 145LR, respectively.

ACCOMMODATION: Standard accommodation for 44 passengers, three-abreast at seat pitch of 39 cm (31 in). Flight attendant seat on port side immediately aft of flight deck standard; attendant seat in centre of aisle at rear of cabin optional. Wardrobe/carry-on baggage cabinet and galley at front of cabin, lavatory at rear.