TYPE: Regional jet airliner.

PROGRAMME: Launched 16 September 1997; two pre-series ERJ-145s (001/PT-ZJA and 002/PT-ZJC) modified to create two prototype ERJ-135s; roll-out (PT-ZJA) 12 May 1998, followed by first flight 4 July 1998; public debut at Farnborough Air Show September 1998; second aircraft (PT-ZJC), flown 24 September 1998, for systems testing before conversion to production standard in March 1999. Brazilian Centro Técnico Aerospacial (CTA) certification achieved in June 1999; FAA certification 15 July 1999. First delivery 23 July 1999 to Continental Express; other early aircraft to American Eagle.

CURRENT VERSIONS: ERJ-135: Regional airliner, as described. Available from the outset in 135ER and 135LR versions.
EMB-135BJ Legacy: Corporate version; described separately.

CUSTOMERS: Total of 122 firm commercial orders and seven options by 1 January 2004. Additionally, one VIP-configured ERJ-135LR handed over to Greek Air Force on 7 January 2000 and two, also in VIP configuration, to the Belgian Air Force on 4 June and in August 2001, for operation by No. 21 Squadron at Melsbroek with two similarly configured ERJ-145s. Deliveries have been 16 in 1999, 45 in 2000, 27 in 2001, three in 2002 and 14 in 2003.
Programme based on estimates of 500 sales.

COSTS: Development cost US$100 million, of which 40 per cent provided by risk-sharing partners. Unit cost US$11.8 million.

DESIGN FEATURES: Shares 96 per cent commonality with ERJ-145 including engines, wings, tail surfaces, flight deck and main systems; fuselage by 3.53 m (11 ft 7 in) by removal of two frames (4.84 m; 15 ft 10½ in ahead of wing and 3.07 m; 10 ft 0¾ in at rear) and substitution of two shorter frames (2.85 m; 9 ft 4¼ in and 1.53; 5 ft 0¼ in, respectively).


STRUCTURE: As for ERJ-145.


POWER PLANT: Two 33.7 kN (7,580 lb st) Rolls-Royce AE 3007A1/3 turbofans. Fuel as ERJ-145ER and ERJ-145LR, respectively.

ACCOMMODATION: Standard accommodation for 37 passengers in three-abreast configuration.

SISTEMS: As for ERJ-145.