English name: Boy

TYPE: Aerobatic two-seat lightplane.

PROGRAMME: Design began July 1998; prototype (PP-XBS) first flown 13 July 1999; Brazilian CTA certification was achieved 19 December 2001. However, by January 2003 the prototype remained the sole Guri registered in Brazil.

CURRENT VERSIONS: AMT-600 Guri: Initial production version, as described.
Data below are provisional, and refer to prototype.
Advanced Trainer: Projected derivative with 134 kW (180 hp) Textron Lycoming engine, retractable landing gear and IFR avionics.

CUSTOMERS: Brazilian state aero clubs seen as initial target market.

DESIGN FEATURES: Generally as Ximango, but shortened wings (of same aerofoil section) and tricycle landing gear. Wings can be removed for storage.

FLYING CONTROLS: Conventional and manual; ailerons and elevator operated by pushrods, rudder by cables; ground-adjustable trim tab on rudder and starboard aileron. Control surface maximum deflections; elevator +22/-25o, rudder 28o, flaps 45o.

STRUCTURE: Generally as for Ximango. Wing includes main-spar, plus rear-spar of Z shape to accommodate ailerons and flaps; two ribs in each panel, at centre-section break and tip, but three ribs per side at centre-section to strengthen walkways. Ailerons and flaps have leading- and trailing-adge spars, each with six glass fibre ribs stiffened with foam and aluminium skirt. Two fuselage bulkheads only: one horizontal, one vertical, for attachment of tail surfaces. Plywood for local strengthening in areas of equipment installations.

LANDING GEAR: Non-retractable tricycle type, with hydropneumatic trailing-link suspension on main units and rubber-in-compression suspension on nose leg. Oldi wheels and brakes. Mainwheel tyre size 6.00x6, nosewheel 5.00x5.

POWER PLANT: One 85.8 kW (115hp) Textron Lycoming O-235-NBR flat-four, driving a two-blade Sensenich 72CK-0-50 aluminium propeller. Fuel contained in two wing tanks, combined capacity 90 litres (23.8 US gallons; 19.8 Imp gallons), with filler port in upper surface of each wing.

ACCOMMODATION: Two persons, side by side, under single-piece, upward- and rearward-hinged canopy. Dual controls standard. Boarding step on each side forward of wing on prototype will be relocated aft of wing on production aircraft.

AVIONICS: VFR avionics, including Garmin GPS 100; IFR avionics optional.