Instituto de Atividades Espacias is space division of CTA.
Principal Brazilian aeronautical college, part of CTA, produces original design studies.
Instituto de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento, major group of CTA responsible for R&D, including design.
Indústria Paranaense de Estruturas Ltda, Curitiba, developed IPE 06 Curucaca tandem ultralight, flown January 1990.
Instituto de Pesquisas Tecnologicas, Sao Paulo, carried out mainly materials research, but also produced series of light aircraft IPT.0-IPT.17, 1940-52.
Charles Rupert Joses built light aircraft 1982.
JOSEPH KOVACS Having produced a prototype of the K-51 Peregrino two-seat aerobatic sportplane, Mr Kovacs is now working on design of the K-55 aerobatic competition monoplane and K-32 STOL, ultralight…
Henrique Lage built at least 30 aircraft of many types, notably HL-8 light transport (3 x Lycoming O-290) 1943.
Mauricio Impelizieri P. Moura built Esqualo 180 2/3-seater (6 February 1981) followed by Esqualo II 1989.
Antonio Muniz, air force major in 1932, produced first Brazilian-designed aircraft, M-5, in 1932. Later, as Lt.-Col., produced M-7 and M-9 trainers, built in series by Fábrica Brasileira de Aviões.…
INDÚSTRIA AERONÁUTICA NEIVA SA (Subsidiary of Embraer) Formed October 1953 by José Carlos de Barros Neiva; produced Paulistinha, Regente, Universal and related lightplanes of own design. Became wholly owned Embraer…
Oficina de Manutenção e Recuperação de Aviões handled testing of Casmuniz 52 (see Muniz) but planned production never started.
Central (Rio) base of FAB included workshops where Waco EGC-7 was built under licence 1938-44. Became Fábrica Militar de Aviões.
Rio Claro aero club spent 1980-90 building prototype Super Surubim aerobatic trainer, 2 Carcará trainers (Jungmanns made of freijo wood) and gliders.
Domiciled in Paris, Alberto Santo-Dumont was first builder of successful aeroplane in Europe (strange tail-first No. 14bis, Oct/Nov 1906). Diminutive bamboo No. 19 (November 1907) led to series of Demoiselles,…
São Carlos engineering school of University of São Paulo took over former IPT work 1975, where IPAI-26, -27 (former SP-18), -28 Super Surubim, -29 and -30 light aircraft were produced…
SEAMAX AIRCRAFT LTDA The company was founded to produce amphibious aircraft in 1997, by designer and engineer Miguel Rosário and located in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro. In…
MM Super Rotor Industria Aeronáutica Ltda, São Paulo, produce AC-4 Andorinha single-seat autogyro (December 1972) in both finished and kit form, and M-1 Montalvá (March 1985) 2-seater.
Willibald Weber built light aircraft 1982.
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