Ernest Oscar Tips built twin-propeller biplane 1908, obtained Benelux agency for Gnome, served in FAB, escaped to England, joined Fairey and later managed Fairey SA at Gosselies. In spare time designed Tipsy S (September 1934) ultralight, produced by Avions Fairey and in UK. Next came Tipsy B side-by-side, built from 1937 with open or enclosed cockpit, followed 1939 by Tipsy M tandem trainer. All these were flown in UK pre-war. Works at Gosselies destroyed 10 May 1940, rebuilt by October 1946 and work resumed on Belfair (refined BC) and new-design Avions Fairey Junior single-seater (1948), 7 of first and 2 of second built, factory then being used wholly for other work, notably Meteor production.

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