Société Anonyme des Avions et Moteurs established 1927 by Georges and Alfred Renard at Evere, Brussels, to produce engines, starting with 100-hp radial. Soon designed aircraft, starting with Epervier parasol-wing fighter built by Stampe et Vertongen 1928. Three improved versions failed to dislodge Firefly, and completely new Constructions Aéronautiques G. Renard formed 1931 built R.17 4-seat cabin monoplane and R.30-300 5-passenger transport (3 x Gipsy), R.31 parasol recon monoplane (1933, RR Kestrel), R.32 (based on R.31 with GR.14 radial) and R.33 parasol trainer (120-hp Renard). R.31 built in quantity by Renard and SABCA. Company's final products were prototypes of R.35 pressurized 20-passenger airliner (3 x GR 750-hp radials), crashed on first flight 1 April 1938, and prototypes of single design of low-wing monoplane fighter built as HS12Y-engined R.36 (5 November 1937), R.37 (GR.14 engine) and Merlin-engined R.38 (4 August 1939).

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