TYPE: Multisensor surveillance lightplane.

CURRENT VERSIONS: HK 36TTC-MPX: Generic designation for sensor-equipped Dimona. Developed by Diamond Aircraft Corporation in association with Wescam Inc of Ontario; multimission utility aircraft version of Diamond HK 36TTC Katana Xtreme. MPX (Multipurpose Xtreme) incorporates hardpoint under each wing at approximately mid-span for quick-release sensor pods. Each pod can accommodate up to 45 kg (100 lb) of equipment, including gyrostabilised video surveillance cameras (such as Wescam Model 16 ENG broadcast camera system) and IR sensors, with provision for onboard data and image collection, or downlink telemetry. An independent 28 V 40 A DC power supply is provided for surveillance equipment, and a cockpit equipment bay, capacity 0,4 m³ (14 cu ft) or 30 kg (66 lb), accommodates rack-mounted electronics or instruments for in-flight monitoring. Standard fuel capacity of 110 litres (29.1 US gallons; 24.2 Imp gallons) provides endurance up to 7 hours.
HK 36TTC-Eco: Specific designation for aircraft currently in service. Certified in FAA Utility category 29 March 1999 Restricted category (aerial photography only) 21 December 2000; latter permits increased MTOW of 929 kg (2,050 lb).
Prototype OE-9481 currently operated (since 1998) in Switzerland by Met Air atmospheric sampling company as HB-2335. Five conversions undertaken in Canada for US market: N842WS, N845WS and N846WS operated by Diamond Aircraft; and N843WS and N844WS of Wescam Air Operations, Van Nuys, California.