Successor to Yeoman, 1970-71.
Produced conversions of DHC-1 Chipmunk.
Aviation Industries of Australia Pty set up at Shepparton, Victoria, 1992 to take over MA-2 Mamba from Melbourne Aircraft.
Aircorp Pty Ltd produces Bushmaster light aircraft.
Aerospace Technologies of Australia formed 1986 to succeed GAF (Government Aircraft Factories) at Fishermen's Bend, Melbourne. Work includes F/A-18, PC-9, Black Hawk, 747, 757, 777, MD-80, MD-11, A320/330/340, CFM56 nacelle…
AAC formed 1982 by Commonwealth Aircraft Corp., Government Aircraft Factories and Hawker de Havilland to produce A10 Wamira basic trainer for RAAF. In 1985 HDH bought out GAF share and…
Ted Minty began construction of Skyhook single-seat autogyro 1975; forming company 1984. Several variants and commercial sales.
Buchanan Aircraft Corporation formed at Toowoomba, Qld, 1989; main product BAC/204 light 2-seater.
Gordon Bedson and Associates produced Resurgam ultralight, but Bedson killed in it 1984.
Microlight available in ready-to-fly form.
Resulted from 1934 talks which led to syndicate to establish national capability in aircraft manufacture. Government was interested in independence of external military suppliers; October 1935 asked syndicate to form…
COBRA AVIATION Company founded in 2000 as Tomair Aircraft Sales; subsequently formed Cobra Aviation, for marketing of Arrow and Explorer.
Cockatoo Dockyard & Engineering Co. set up aviation department 1932 under (then Flt. Lt) L.J. Wackett. Built twin-engined Codock for Kingsford Smith.
Composite Industries Ltd has subsidiary, Eagle Aircraft Australia, developing Eagle X 2-seater.
John C. Corby markets plans for ultralight CJ-1 Starlet.
Cropmaster Aircraft Pty Ltd succeeded Yeoman in marketing Cropmaster and Fieldmaster until 1966.
Department of Aircraft Production built 700 Beauforts and 364 Beaufighters 1942-5.
DE HAVILLAND AIRCRAFT COMPANY PTY Formed Melbourne 1927 to market, support and later assemble Moth; moved 1931 to Mascot, Sydney, then to Bankstown where growing factory built 1,085 Tiger Moth…
John R. Duigan made first flight in Australia, Mia Mia, July 1910, in aircraft built from photograph of a Wright biplane. Subsequently made other aircraft.
Eagle Aircraft Australia, Fremantle, produced prototype EAA Eagle XTS 1988, all-composites 'three flying surface' configuration, primarily for farm applications: see EAI.
Eagle Aircraft International, Perth, formed 1991 as joint venture by Eagle and Malaysian government to build Eagle XTS.
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