Formed 1912 Budapest by Oblt Bier as branch of DFW, building DFW types under licence; titles (Hungarian) Magyar 'Lloyd' Repülőgép es Motogyár, and (Austrian) Ungarische Flugzeug und Motorenfabrik 'Lloyd'. In 1913 built own-design C.I biplane (Bier set record 20,243 ft with 2 passengers). Subsequently built Hansa-Brandenburg C-types, while designers Wizina and von Melczer produced C.II and III recon biplanes, several hundred built, and C.IV and V (all 1914-16). In 1917 same designers produced prototypes of 40.15 fighter triplane and 40.16 fighter biplane, both with 185-hp MAG (Daimler).

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