Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA (LMAASA)

Original FMA (Military Aircraft Factory) came into operation 10 October 1927 as central organisation for aeronautical research and production; underwent several name changes before reverting, in 1968, to original title as component of Aérea de Material Córdoba (AMC) of Argentine Air Force. FMA converted into a joint stock company from April 1992, Air Force buying 30 per cent of the shares to establish itself as holding and management authority; control of FMA handed over to Planning Secretary of MoD on 20 December 1993. MoD and Lockheed Aircraft Argentina SA signed concession agreement on 15 December 1994, allocating management of FMA to Lockheed Martin, now Lockheed Martin Aircraft Argentina SA, from 1 July 1995.
Principal activities are aircraft design, manufacture, upgrading, maintenance and repair, current tasks including maintenance and modification of A-4AR Fighting Hawks, C-130 Hercules, IA 58 Pucaras and IA 63 Pampas and proposed manufacture of a further batch of 12 Pampas. Argentine Air Force maintenance contract renewed in January 2001 for five years at estimated value of US$230 million, but national financial crisis has severely curtailed military contracts.
Laboratories, factories and other aeronautical division buildings occupy total covered area of 220,000 m² (2,368,075 sq ft); had workforce of 900 in early 2003. Córdoba facility also accommodates Centro de Ensayos en Vuelo (Flight Test Centre), a separate division also controlled by Argentine Air Force, at which all aircraft produced in Argentina undergo certification testing.

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  • Address: Avenida Fuerza Aérea Argentina Km 5500, CP5010 Córdoba, Argentina
  • Tel: (+54 351) 446 87 33
  • Fax: (+54 351) 446 87 34
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