TYPE: Side-by-side kitbuilt.

PROGRAMME: Originated in T-11 Sky Skooter, designed by John Thorp and first flown 15 August 1946. T-211 certified 20 April 1964 by Tubular Aircraft Products of Los Angeles, which produced parts for 100 aircraft; rights passed to Adams Industries of Detroit, then Thorp Aero Inc at Sturgis, Kentucky, which acquired components in stock; production rights passed to Phoenix Aircraft at Mesa, Arizona, in 1992, but that company declared bankrupt in mid-1994. Acquired by AD Aircraft in the UK; market launch (and first sale, to Ken Fowler) of kits at PFA International Air Rally & Exhibition at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, in July 1998. AD sold six homebuild kits supplied from the USA by Venture Light Aircraft Resources; Venture production began c/n 104. UK production of complete aircraft planned, but cancelled in 1999.