Initial RotorWay Company set up by B J Schramm in early 1960s; successively produced the Javelin, Scorpion I and Scorpion II before launching Exec in 1980. Company purchased and re-established on 1 June 1990 by the late John Netherwood; assets acquired in 1996 by company's employees, who are current owners. Original product was Exec 90, the former Exec with some 23 modifications, which was certified in UK in 1990 and in Poland in 1993. In August 1994, Exec 162F introduced and replaced the Exec 90; 162F improvements can be retrofitted to Exec 90.
RotorWay currently manufactures Exec 162F helicopter kits for final assembly by amateur builders and operators. The Exec is powered by the company's own engine, which has been in production for more than 20 years and has recently been upgraded to improve performance at altitude.
Some foreign distributors also sell helicopters; approximately 40 per cent of sales are outside the USA. RotorWay, which had 40 employees in mid-2003, offers flight orientation and maintenance training, and customer service programme; 3,440 m2 (37,000 sq ft) facility near Phoenix, arizona, incorporates all departments, including manufacturing, sales and flight school.

Additional Info

  • Address: 4140 W Mercury Way, Chandler, Arizona, 85226 United States
  • Tel: (+1 480) 961 10 01
  • Fax: (+1 480) 961 15 14
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