TYPE: Convertible cargo/passenger jet aircraft

DESCRIPTION: The An-74TK-300 is a convertible cargo/passenger jet aircraft to haul either 52 passengers or 10 t of cargo. It differs from the baseline aircraft in its underwing engine arrangement, a modified wing, uprated aircraft systems, an up-to-date flight navigation suite compliant with international standards, as well as enhanced comfort of the cockpit and passenger cabin. The aircraft completed its maiden flight on 20 April, 2001. Type certificate for An-74TK-300 was issued on 9 September 2002. Series production was prepared at KSAMC.

POWERPLANTS: The An-74TK-300 powered by two D-36 Series 4A engines producing 6,500-kg thrust.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 28.07
Wing span, m 31.89
Wing area, sq.m 98.62
Max take-off weight, kg 34 500
Commercial load, kg 10 000
Max cruising speed, km/h 725
Service ceiling, m 11 100
Range, km 2200