TYPE: STOL transport

POWERPLANTS: The An-72 powered by two D-36 6,500-kgf turbofan engines and featuring a lifting capacity of 7.5-10 tonnes.

DESCRIPTION: The prototype’s maiden flight was made on 31 August, 1977. Under series production since 1985 at the Kharkov-based State Aircraft Manufakturing Company (KSAMC) . Over 150 aircraft have been built. The An-74 designation was initially assigned to the polar version of the An-72 (built in 1983). Later, all civilian versions of that aircraft family were given that designation. The series production of the An-74 commenced at the KSAMC in 1989 with the Polyot plant (Omsk) beginning its series production in 1993. Type certificate for An-74 was issued on 2 August 1991, for An-72-100 – on 7 February 1997.
The primary versions are: the An-72 basic version of military transport with 10-tonne lifting capacity powered by two D-36 engines; An-72V export version with smaller crew; An-72P border troops patrol aircraft; An-71 experimental AEW&C aircraft; An-74 polar transport; An-74T transport basic version fitted with cargo handling equipment; An-74T-100 – a version of the An-74T with four crew; An-74T-200 – an An-74T version featuring upgraded avionics, engines and crew of two; An-74TK convertible transport/passenger aircraft intended to carry 52 passengers or 10-tonne cargo; An-74TK-100 – an An-74TK version manned by the crew of four; An-74TK-200 – an An-74TK version with upgraded avionics, engines and crew of two; An-74-200D – a VIP aircraft. Under development are the following versions: the An-74-68 passenger plane for 68 seats, the An-174 stretched-body aircraft with lifiting capacity of 20 t, etc.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 28.07
Wing span, m 31.89
Wing area, sq.m 98.53
Empty weight, kg 20 200
Max take-off weight, kg 36 500
Commercial load, kg 10 000
Max speed, km/h 705
Cruising speed, km/h 600
Service ceiling, m 11 800
Range, km 1350