TYPE: Transport aircraft

POWERPLANTS: The An-70 is a transport aircraft powered by four D-27 propfans an featuring a lifting capacity of 35 tonnes.

DESCRIPTION: The An-70 prototype’s maid en flight took place on 16 December 1994, with the aircraft crashin on 10 February 1995. On 24 April, 1997, the flight testing of the se ond prototype commenced. Antonov ANTK is about to complete con struction of the third prototype. Series production of An-70 milita transport aircraft for Ukrainian and Russian Air Forces has been pre pared at Aviant plant (Kiev, Ukraine) and Polyot plant (Omsk, Russia). Besides, civil version An-70T is being developed on the basis of the military transport aircraft. The An-7X export version pro gramme has been devised for the company to took part in the joint airlifter tender for Western Europe and other prospective buyers. The versions offered are: the An-70 four-D-27-powered military transport basic version featuring short take-off and landing and lifting capacity of up to 47 tonnes, a tanker plane, an airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft, SAR or naval patrol aircraft; An-70-100 – a version featuring an upgraded avionics and smaller crew; An-70T — four-D-27-powered civilian transport with a lifting capacity of 20-35 tonnes, An-70T-100 – a version of the An-70T with a lifting capacity of 10-30 tonnes powered by two D-27 engines; An-70TK – a convertible civilian cargo/passenger aircraft capable of seating 150 passengers or carrying 30-tonne cargo, also it could be built in the following versions – forest firefighter, eco- logical environment monitoring aircraft, etc.; An-70T-200 – a ver- sion of the An-70T-100 powered by two NK-93 engines; An-70T-300 – a version of the An-70T-100 fitted with two CFM56-5C4 engines; An-70T-400 – a version of the An-70T powered by four CFM56-5C4 engines.