TYPE: Multi-purpose transport aircraft

DESCRIPTION: The An-3T aircraft is designed to transport passengers and cargoes on local routes. A derivative of the An-2 aircraft, it can be realised in transport, convertible cargo/passenger, agricultural, firefighting, airmobile, and medevac versions.
The turboprop engine of the aircraft provides increased payload capacity, and outstanding take-off/landing characteristics. The aircraft features modern flight navigation and electric equipment, central warning system, and air conditioning/ heating system for the cockpit and cargo hold. The An-3 is certificated in compliance with the Russian AP-23 flight standards.

POWERPLANTS: 1 x TVD-20-03 turboprop

Basic specifications  
Length, m 14.029
Wing span, m 18.176
Parked height, m 5.00
Cargo hold dimensions, m:  
- length 4.20
- height 1.85
- width at floor 1.65
Max take-off weight, kg 5,800
Max payload, kg 1,800
Cruising air speed, km/h 220-255
Service ceiling, m 4,400
Cruising altitude, m 2,000
Service range with 1,500 kg, km 550
Runway length required, m 500
Airfield altitude above sea level, m up to 2,000
Powerplant 1 x TVD-20-03 turboprop
Crew 2
Passenger seats 12