TYPE: Multi-purpose transport aircraft

MISSION: The An-38 transport aircraft is designed to transport passengers and cargoes (in containers too) on local routes. The An-38 can also be employed for aerial photography, geological surveys, patrol missions, fire-fighting operations, personnel and cargo airdrops, maritime reconnaissance, and medical evacuation.

POWERPLANTS: 2 x TPE-331-14GR-801E turboprops

EQUIPMENT: Different versions may have different passenger/ cargo combinations. Cargoes up to nine meters long can be loaded through the rear cargo hatch.
The An-38 can be operated from short unpaved and ice/snow-covered runways, from mountainous airfields situated at up to 2,600 m above the sea level, and is operational within the ambient temperature range of -50o to +45oC.
The integrated flight navigation system enables all-weather, day-and-night operation.
The aircraft is maintained on condition, without overhauls throughout the entire service life.
The An-38 is certificated in compliance with the Russian AP-25 flight standards.
The An-38-100 version is powered by the TPE 331-14GR-801E.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 15.67
Wing span, m 22.063
Parked height, m 5.050
Cargo hold dimensions, m:  
- length 9.00
- height 1.60
- width at floor 1.55
Max take-off weight, kg 9,500
Max payload, kg 2,500
Cruising speed, km/h 340-380
Cruising altitude, m 3,000-4,200
Range (H=3,000 m, ISA), km:  
- with max payload 990
- with max fuel load 1,790
Runway length required, m 895
Powerplant 2 TPE-331-14GR-801E turboprops
Crew 2
Passenger seats 27