TYPE: Multipurpose aircraft

DESCRIPTION: The An-3 is s multipurpose turboprop aircraft intended for use in agriculture and by local airlines – an upgraded version of the An-2 pistonengine biplane powered by a single TVD-20 1,430-hp turboprop engine and fitted by more up-to-date equipment. The An-3 prototype’s maiden flight took place on 13 May, 1980; in 1991, the aircraft successfully passed the official testing programme. The earlier-built An-2s are being upgraded to meet the An-3 standard at the Omsk-based Polyot aerospace association. The first four upgrades were shipped to the customers in the year 2000. There are three versions offered for sale: the An-3 agriculture version equipped with 2,200-litre chemicals tank, the An-3T convertible plane capable of carrying 12 passengers in the passenger role or 1,800-kg cargo in the transport version, the An-3T-08 forrest-patrol aircraft. The An-3T obtained its AP-23 and AP-36 certificates on 31 August 2000. 12 An-3 and An-3T aircraft had been in operation by the beginning of 2003.

POWERPLANT: Single TVD-20 1,430-hp turboprop engine.

Basic specifications
Length, m 13.65
Wing span, m 18.19
Wing area, sq.m 71.52
Max take-off weight, kg 5800
Commercial load, kg 1800
Cruising speed, km/h 220
Range, km 815