TYPE: Superheavy transport jet

DESCRIPTION: A dedicated superheavy transport powered by six D-18T 23,400-kgf engines to carry bulky cargoes weighing up to 250 tonnes. The maiden flight was made on 21 December, 1988. One aircraft was built, the second is being under construction. On 13 May, 1989, the first flight was made by the An-225 with the Buran space shuttle mounted on top of the aircraft. Using the An-225 as the carrier of the HOTOL aerospace plane and Orlyonok SAR ground-effect machine.

POWERPLANTS: 6 x D-18T 23,400-kgf engines.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 84.0
Wing span, m 88.4
Wing area, sq.m 905
Max take-off weight, kg 600000
Commercial load, kg 250000
Max cruising speed, km/h 850
Range, km 5300