TYPE: aircraft for local airlines

DESCRIPTION: The maiden flight of the prototype took place on 17 September, 1997. Series production is being set up at the Kharkov- and Kiev-based plants with series production in Samara being currently under consideration. The versions offered are the An-140 46-52-seat airliner with a range of 2,100-2,650 km; An-140T transport featuring a lifting capacity of 6 tonnes; An-140TK covertible passenger/transport aircraft; An-140-100 68-seat airliner featuring a stretched fuselage and more powerful engines; An-142 military transport to carry and airdrop cargo, airborne troops and their materiel.

POWERPLANTS: 2 x TV3-117VMA-SBM1 2,500 hp engines.

Basic specifications  
Length, m 22.46
Wing span, m 24.25
Wing area, sq.m 51.0
Empty weight, kg 10600
Normal take-off weight, kg 16700
Max take-off weight, kg 19150
Commercial load, kg 4900
Max cruising speed, km/h 575
Cervice ceiling, m 7200
Range, km 2100