Ukrainian-Russian Scientific Industrial Joint Venture

- Jupiter was established in 1992 on the basis of Klimov Plant Design Bureau FSUE.
Klimov Plant FSUE and Motor Sich JSC are the founders of this Ukrainian-Russian joint venture.
- Jupiter SUV renders follow-up of Klimov Plant helicopter engines during series production and overhaul at Motor Sich JSC.
- Jupiter SUV coordinates and promotes all necessary works related to the expansion of all types of service lives and approved operating time of engines on "on-condition" basis.
- Jupiter SUV participates in the development, testing and certification of newgeneration engines for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft.
- Jupiter SUV takes active part in developing automatic control systems for aircraft engines.
- Jupiter SUV performs approved repair of aircraft engine accessories.
- Jupiter SUV has experience of developing gas-turbine gen-sets.
- Jupiter SUV participates in the development, testing and production of heat exchangers.

Additional Info

  • Address: 15, 8 Marta Str., Zaporozhye, 69068, Ukraine
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