Our company specializes in manufacture of tail rotors made of composite materials for Mi-family helicopters (Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24 etc.) and also propellers of various designs for light and superlight commercial and sport aircraft Yak, Su and others.
Currently the company is producing the first batch of tail rotors of a new design to equip Mi-28N, Mi-28 helicopters and to modernize the Mi-24 model. The new tail rotor is supposed to improve performance of the Mi-24.
The company has been producing certified MTV-9 propellers under the license for aircraft powered by engines up to 400 hp more than for ten years. Wind plants of 0.5, 16 and 30 kW are produced by our company.
The company's stable financial position, well-developed production facilities make it attractive for investors.

Additional Info

  • Address: 15, Proezd Entuziastov, Moscow, 111024, Russia
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