VASO is an integral part of the Ilyushin Aviation Complex, responsible for production of the Ilyushin Il-96 transport aircraft; after almost ceasing due to lack of funding, manufacture was resumed in early 2003 to meet an Aeroflot order for eight. Further plans, as yet unfunded, call for establishment by 2004 of assembly line for Ilyushin Il-76, currently built in Uzbekistan. It plans to form a joint holding with Ilyushin, initially by uniting the state shareholdings (30 per cent and 60 per cent, respectively) in each company; this will later be incorporated within AVPK Sukhoi as part of aviation industry restructuring plans. Russian government holding is 20 per cent. Non-aviation manufacture includes a family of small motor boats.
Plant originated in GAZ 84, established 1932, and later was responsible for Tupolev Tu-144 supersonic airliner and Ilyushin Il-86 wide-bodied airliner. Previously known as VAPO. Plans to build Tupolev Tu-54 agricultural aircraft. Also produces boats, tractors, washing machines, food containers, motorcar silencers and other consumer items.

Additional Info

  • Address: ulitsa Tsiolkovskoga 27, 394029 Voronezh
  • Tel: +7 (473) 244-88-00
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