Since its foundation in 1954 when the Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau, PJSC manufactured simple electromechanical instrument, it has been grown to the intensive research and design activity as well as constant improvement of technological processes to produce onboard computer systems, integrated air data systems and integrated flight and navigation data display systems, based on CRT or LCD. Main directions of the enterprise developments in the field of aircraft instrument engineering include:
- Electronic instrument systems;
- Critical flight conditions warning systems;
- Air data computer systems;
- Warning, caution and advisory systems and annunciators;
- Analog / discrete data conversion system;
- Pressure probes and transducers;
- Altitude, airspeed and Mach number indicators;
- Transducers and indicators of aerodynamic angles;
- Lighting devices for illuminating of panels, instruments and aircrew workstations are adapted for night vision goggles operation.
Company is member of Aviapribor-Holding.

Additional Info

  • Address: 10A, Krymov Str., Ulyanovsk, 432071, Russia
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