UAPO was founded in 1941.
General director is Yuri G. Poroshin.
UAPO specializes in manufacturing equipment and units for aviation. Progressive production processes, a fleet of machines of the UAPO allows to produce the items at any kind of machining of parts with high accuracy and productivity. The constructive improvement of items of special equipment is combined with its modernization and improvement of elements base ensuring the safety of flights.
Recently the CAD-CAM technologies have been introduced for use from computer volumetric simulation to complicated industrial equipment production on the modern 5-coordinates machine "600-V".
The main aim of the UAPO policy in the sphere of quality is the satisfaction and observing the requirements of the State Client and other consumers in their wish to get a high-quality production.
The system of quality at the UAPO has been certified for accordance with International Systems ISO-9000; ISO-9001; ISO-9002.
The UAPO accepts orders and manufactures the following items used in flying vehicles:
- Engine vibration measurement equipment (IVD-type);
- Ignition units;
- Electronic controllers;
- High-voltage accessories (spark plugs, angles, contact devices, adapters);
- Boost sensors;
- Actuating mechanisms;
- Static converters;
- D.C. electromotors;
- Smoke indicators;
- Chip detectors;
- Fire detectors;
- Circuit breakers;
- Other items.

Additional Info

  • Address: 97, Aksakov Str., Ufa, Bashkortostan, 450025, Russia
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