Public Corporation Air-engine Scientific and Technical Complex "SOYUZ", one of the oldest national firms designing aeroengines, was organized on 18 February 1943. The initiator of this Experimental Design Bureau's creation was an outstanding designer of aeroengines, academician A.A. Mikulin. He was Chief Designer from 1943 to 1955, succeeded by S.K. Tumansky (1955-1973) and then by O.N. Favorsky (1973-1987) and V.K. Kobchenko (1987-2000). In 2000, M.P. Simonov was elected General Director (2000-2001), and M.O. Okroyan has been General Director since 2001. In 2001 V.A. Belousov was appointed General Designer.
Over its history "SOYUZ" has designed 19 baseline turbojet engines and 44 modifications thereof for 27 types of aircraft with a wide range of characteristics for civil and military aviation.
Aircraft powered by SOYUZ-built engines are in operation in Russia and 43 countries of Europe, Asia and America. These aircraft have set over 100 world records in flight altitude, rate of climb and other categories; some of these records are not beaten yet.

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  • Address: 2/4, Luzhnetskaya nab., Moscow, 119270, Russia
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