Activity: Design, production, maintenance and overhaul of civil and military aircraft gas-turbine engines; engines for unmanned vehicles and helicopters;
gas-turbine marine engines; industrial gas-turbine engines for power generation and gas-pumping; research and development Main products:
- Military aircraft engines: A1-31F, A1-31FP, A1-31FN, Al-55, RD-600V, 36, 36MTCivil;
- Aircraft engines: D-30KU, D-30KP, D-30KU-154, SM146, TVD-1500;
- Industrial gas-turbine plants: PGU-325, PGU-170, GTE-110, AL-31STE, GTE16,GTES-12, GTES-2.5;
- Gas-turbine superchargers of natural gas: AL-31ST, GPA-10, GPA-6,3, GPA-4;
- Gas-turbine marine engines: M75R, M70FP.

Additional Info

  • Address: 163, Lenin Ave., Rubinsk, Yaroslavl Region, 152903, Russia
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