Saratov Electrounit Production Corporation, founded in May 14, 1939, is a leader in Russian assembly-building industry and one of the largest manufacturers of electronic and electrotechnical products.
Special units for aircraft engines such as electric starters, starter-generators, electric motors, electric fans, submersible induction motors and over 150 types of electromagnets and solenoid valves form the significant volume of production.
The company organized the production of multilayer printed-circuit boards of Generation 4+ and 5.
The enterprise produces more than 15 models of household refrigerating equipment "Saratov". The company supplies a great number of parts to the main conveyer of the largest Russian automobile plants, for instance: AVTOVAZ, GAZ Ltd., KAMAZ Ltd., AMO ZIL, IZHAVTO Ltd.

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  • Address: 50 year of Octyabr prospect, Lenin square, Saratov, 410040, Russia
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