MAI founded 1930 and immediately began aircraft design and construction. Current design bureau formed by students in 1967 and was engaged in creation of piloted and unmanned light aircraft, which were developed according to requirements of various subsidiaries of the Ministries of Aviation Industry, Civil Aviation and Defence. by official decree of 11 August 1982, the Design Bureau was transformed into an experimental students aircraft construction design bureau of MAI, although with a full-time engineering staff, to which students and lecturers were attached as required. By late 1980s, six experimental types had been built, comprising MAI-920 Kvant aerobatic lightplane, Photon research jet, PS-01 Komar and Elf-D UAVs and Elf and Junior lightplanes.
During late 1980s turned to aircraft production, first with Photon design association and later the Aviatika joint-stock company. As part of the Aviatika joint stock company, the MAI Design Bureau (OB) received the name of a 'Low-Sized Aircraft Experimental Design Bureau'(OKB MA). MAI Development Plant and MAPO (Moscow Aircraft Production Organisation) were used as an industrial base. Application to AviaRegister and Air Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry of Russian Federation on 27 July 1992 resulted in award on 17 February 1993 of certificate N2R9 for the rights to develop civil aircraft.
Basis for the Aviatika aircraft manufacture at MAPO (now RSK 'MiG') plant is licence agreement of 10 April 1995. Following name change to Aviatika, new light aircraft certificate (NQ P-9A) issued on 20 April 1994. During 1994-1995, OSKBES MAI (OKB MA) developed a technical offer for light six-seat business aircraft designated Aviatika-950. In early 1996, Aviatika JSC changed its business plan and dispensed with services of OSKBES (to the OSKBES (OKB MA)), although latter continued work with MAPO.
Aviatika transferred all aircraft design, engineering and intellectual rights to the Moscow State Aviation Institute (MAI) under Contract N9 13/39 of 19 February 1998 and an additional agreement, N2 1-13/39 dated 3 April 1998. Subsequently, OSKBES MAI transferred manufacturing license for Aviatika series aircraft to MAPO. Has now designed or subvariants; more than 280 of MAI-890 built.

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  • Address: Volokolamskoe shosse, 4, Moscow Aviation Institute, OSKBES, Moscow, 125993, Russia
  • Tel: +7 (495) 971-85-52
  • Fax: +7 (499) 158-49-09
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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