Omsk Motor-Building Enterprise named after P.I. Baranov, one of the oldest aero engine building enterprises of Russia, was founded in 1916. In the region from the Urals up to Far East the Omsk enterprise is the only aero engine building enterprise.
From the enterprise's foundation and up till now the main specialization of it is the production of aircraft engines for civil planes (Auxiliary power plants and turborop engines for passenger and multipurpose aeroplanes TV7-117C (IL-114), TVD-20 (AN-3T, AN-38), VSU-10 (IL-96, IL-86), military planes (turbojet engines AL-21F-3A, RD-33 for SU-17, SU-22, SU-24, MiG-29) and their maintenance and repair.
Omsk Motor-Building Enterprise also manufactures various consumer goods: Krot, Omich, Sibiryak motor-cultivators and mounted implements for them: lawnmower;
Bars snowplough, boxes of transfers to automobiles Izh-2126 ODA and M-412; tools and equipment for an oil-extracting, oil refining industry and railway transportation.

Additional Info

  • Address: 283, Khmelnitskogo Str., Omsk, 644021, Russia
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