Scientific Design Bureau of Computer Systems was founded in 2001. SDB CS is a modern, highly automated, mobile and flexible, technologically self-contained design center. Design Bureau carries advanced scientific developments to the prototype models with the total cycle of off-line tests, development of the engineering documentation and its supply for the off-the-shelf production manufacturers. Also SDB CS provides inventor's and technical support of the serial production. The Bureau has the opportunity of the short-run production of in-house devices and systems.
SDB CS works in the following trends: development and creation of backbone hardware and software tools of data, image and signal processing, multiprocessing computing systems, development and creation of self-contained high-end electronic devices and systems for onboard equipment used for different purposes, system integration of the multifunctional onboard equipment systems used for different purposes.
SDB CS develops and supplies hardware and software tools of data, image and signal processing for more than a dozen and a half of object types with different exploitation conditions on the ground, in the air and in the sea.

Additional Info

  • Address: 2, Shevchenko Str. GSP-25A, Taganrog, 347928, Russia
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