Pilot Production Plant of Chemical Power Sources Research Institute (NIIKhIT PPP CJSC) is specialized in development and manufacture of aircraft nickel-cadmium batteries. PPP of NIIKhIT CJSC was founded in November 1996 and at present time it is the only one of its kind manufacturer of domestic aircraft batteries in Russia.
Different types of storage batteries developing and manufacturing by NIIKhIT PPP CJSC during the period of forty years are widely used on board of more than forty types of domestic airplanes and helicopters, including newly created modern flying vehicles. These aircraft batteries are some of the best batteries in the world with regard to their specific and operating characteristics; at the same time their cost is substantially lower than the cost of foreign analogues.
The high quality of NIIKhIT PPP CJSC aircraft nickel-cadmium batteries has been confirmed by Appliance design approval No. SKGI 32-25UZ of 30 July 1999, No SKGI 33-25D-UZ of 30 July 1999, No. SKGI 34-40UZ of 30 July 1999 and Production Approval No. OP-52 PKI issued by Interstate Aircraft Committee on July 30, 1999, as well by opinions of the most exacting consumers.
Accumulated experience allowed PPP of NIIKhIT CJSC to begin the development of new generation of aircraft batteries with heightened specific performance and extended lifetime.

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  • Address: 11 A, Orjonikidze Str., Saratov, Russia
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