MVEN Co. has been busy developing and manufacturing lightweight aircraft and fast-acting flying vehicle rescue systems. Upwards of 20 people have so far been rescued with these systems.
Flying vehicle rescue systems are produced for a variety of aircrafts, flight weight from 100 kg to 2500 kg. At the present time the firm is developing a system for an aircraft with flight weight to 3500 kg.
MVEN Co. has designed, tested and put in production the MVEN-1 lightweight specialized airplane for agrochemical services with flight weight of 950 kg.
The six-seat aircraft with short take-off and landing is under development; the aircraft will have a flight weight 1720 kg.
The enterprise produces fiberglass units for air and car industry.
Our quality control system is certified for the compliance with GOST ISO 9001

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  • Address: 2-V, Dementyev Str., Kazan, Tatarstan, 420036, Russia
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