Since 1989 Monitor-Soft has been developing the following systems:
"Monitor" messages commutation center (MCC) (Certificate MAK 203), automatically commutates AFTN messages into MTK-2 and MTK-5 codes for 80 channels using telegraph, telephone and switched lines, PD, X25 and satellite channels, intranet and internet.
"Monitor-3" controller workplace (Certificate MAK 204) has a friendly user interface and supports MTK-2 and MTK-5 protocols for the same channels as MCC.
NOTAM information system meets all ICAO standards and performs automation of NOTAM information national center, regional centers and airlines, airport BAI services.
Briefing service system serves airlines and airports on PD, intranet and internet, the system developed together with TsAI GA and TsROS GA.
Navigator calculation system performs automatic routing and exercises flight plan calculation taking into account weather forecast, it also determines available RNS.
TRIADA+ Information Support System for aircraft servicing is designed to keep records of aviation items; take stock of items and goods at warehouses;
automatically gather, process and store information about malfunctions and fast correction of malfunctions and failures of aircraft.

Additional Info

  • Address: P.O. Box 600, Zhukowsky-7, Moskow region, 140187, Russia
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