MOSKOVSKY VERTOLRTNY ZAVOD IMENI M.L. MILYA OAO (Moscow Helicopter Plant named for M.L. Mil JSC)

OKB founded 1947 by Mikhail Leontyevich Mil, who was involved with Soviet gyroplane and helicopter development from 1929 until his death on 31 January 1970, aged 60. His original Mi-1, first flown September 1948 and introduced into service 1951, was first series production helicopter built in former USSR. Twelve basic types of Mil helicopter have been built in 100 subvariants, representing total production of some 30,000, of which over 4,500 exported to 80 countries; 95 per cent of all helicopters in Russian Federation and Associated States (CIS) are Mil designs. Mil helicopters have set 96 world records. The Mil design bureau has its own experimental workshops in Moscow and flight test facilities at Chkalovsky airfield. The company has established a joint venture, Euromil, with Eurocopter and others, for development and production of the Mil Mi-38.
In 2001, Mil designers reported to be working on seven projects, comprising Mi-30, Mi-32, Mi-54 and Mi-58 transports; and Mi-40, Mi-42 and Mi-44 combat helicopters. Of these, only details of the Mi-40, Mi-54 and Mi-58 have been released. In mid-2003, Mil was anticipating an early launch of the Mi-54.
Mil design and production facilities eventually to be integrated into group comprising Mil Moscow, Kazan and Rostov (Rostvertol) plants, the whole to be included in the Russian aerospace grouping led by Sukhoi. The lighter types of Mil helicopter are marketed by the separate entity, LVM.
In 1999 Mil joined with Sikorsky for development of a utility (fixed landing gear) version of S-76, designated S-76R. Mil to design composites main rotor blades and undertake assembly in Russia, if demand warrants, but by mid-2003 nothing further had been heard of this. Mil forced into receivership in 1999; new management, imposed by Federal Financial Recovery Service, returned company to solvency and paid staff wage arrears; bankruptcy cancelled 23 February 2001 after effective return to State control when debts bought-out by Gosincor (Ministry of Property) and Inter-Regional Bank.

Additional Info

  • Address: Sokolnichesky val 2, 107113, Moscow, Russia
  • Works: 26/1 Ulitsa Garshina, Tomilino, Lyuberetsky District, Moscow Region, Russia, 140070
  • Tel: +7 495 669 70 54
  • Fax: +7 498 553 80 02
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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