Metallist Serpukhov Plant was founded in 1943. The enterprise designs and produces different modifications of electric motors of up to 1kWt output power: commutator motors, brush and brushless synchros, explosion-proof induction motors and general purpose motors.
The enterprise also produces self-developed DB-4 and DBS-005 brushless motors for spacecraft and space stations, gyrolasers and piezoelectric accelerometers developed by Moscow Institute of Electromechanics and Automatics (MIEA), and sensor subunits for airborne strapdown inertial reference systems.
Metallist Serpukhov Plant designs and produces dental equipment, namely column and portable drilling machines, micromotors and brushless motors, micromotor and turbine drill handpieces and oil-free compressors.

Additional Info

  • Address: 32, Lunacharskogo str., Serpukhov, Moscow region, 142200, Russia
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