Metallist-Samara JSC specializes in the manufacture of:
- Combustion chambers for aircraft engines and liquid rocket engines, gas turbine drives for gas-pipage plants and electric stations;
- Reverser assemblies, jet nozzles, housing and casings for aviation engines;
- Sound-absorbing constructions for aircraft engines;
- Support and bodies of free turbines, airframes, casings, receivers, exhaust scrolls for gas turbine drives for gas-pipage aggregates and power stations.
Assemblies produced by Metallist-Samara are installed on the aircraft engines such as NK-86, NK-25, NK-32, D-436T1, PS-90A, D-30KU (installed on Tu-22M3, Tu-160, Il-86, Il-62, Il-76M, Tu-154M, Tu-334, Be-200, Il-96-300, Tu-204, Tu-214), as well as RD-120, RD-170/171, RD-180, RD-191, RD-253 rocket engines for Zenith, Proton, Angara, and Atlas-3 rockets and the Energy-Buran space-rocket complex.

Additional Info

  • Address: 278, Promyshlennosti Str., Samara, 443023, Russia
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