The enterprise pursues the following lines of business:
- Development and production of solid-propellant engines, power plants and generators;
- Manufacture and assembly of composite units for aerospace equipment;
- Recycling of solid-propellant machinery.

The enterprise offers the following products:
- Gas turbine aircraft engine-based gas transfer assemblies for gas transmission pipelines;
- Vessels of pressure- and temperature-tolerant composite materials, including those with chemical-resistant coating, for petrochemical and oil reining industry;
- Metering systems and pumps of various output and power for power engineering, public supply services, chemical industry, oil and gas industry and food processing industry;
- Vessels for transportation and storing of condensed natural gas;
- Travel and cargo trailers, 500-1,350kg in tonnage, for motor cars;
- Coupling assemblies for different motor car and truck makes;
- Condensed gas vessels for motor cars and trucks;
- Heavy-duty polyethylene tubing;
- Baby chairs, children's miniskis and baggage trolleys;
- Heat exchanging units;
- Fittings and expansion joints for supply pipelines;
- Pipeline electroinsulators.

Additional Info

  • Address: 57, Novozvyaginskaya Str., Perm, 614014, Russia
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