Flight Research Institute (FRI Gromov LII) is the largest Russian state scientific center for research and testing of air and aerospace vehicles. It performs:
- Research and testing of air and aerospace vehicles;
- Fundamental and applied research in aerodynamics, ergonomics, engine durability, control, navigation, avionics, safety and other systems, etc.;
- Development and implementation of the newest flight research methods, including those based on use of flight test laboratories and models of new vehicles in a wide range of velocities and altitudes up to orbital;
- Certification of aircraft equipment and development of the newest methods for determining compliance of aircraft with airworthiness norms;
- Development of technological projects and models and prototype manufacturing;
- Training test pilots in testing helicopters, aircraft and aerospace vehicles;
- Execution of research and development programs under contracts with Russian and foreign companies and organizations;
Once in every two years the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS is held at the LII airfield.

Additional Info

  • Address: Zhuckovsky, Moscow region, 140182, Russia
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